Who the app am I?

By | February 3, 2010

They say you can tell a lot about a person from their book collecton, CD collection, the food they eat, the papers they read or the friends they keep.  Perhaps a person's iPhone Apps list is a short cut to all these indicators?

Below is my current list. My favourites are Google, Guardian and Star Walk. Star Walk is just amazing. With GPS you look up at the sky with your iPhone and it mirrors what you are seeing directly above. It looks as though the phone has become a glass that reveals a hidden sky map.

The Geocaching app is fun. It tells you where hidden containers are in your locality. You can search these out according to decriptions and clues. When you find a cache you log your find and then can take an item from the cache provided you leave something of equal or greater value.  I'm working with 6 schools in Keighley over the next 3 months to produce boxes to be hidden around the town. These will contain multi media and other creative items telling the story of the town. We'll have one day when all the schools embark on a big hunt and then the boxes will be displayed at a museum.

So here's my list:

Guardian – a brilliant interface that is easy to navigate
BBC Reader – simple list of stories that can be customised

Omnifocus – to do list that syncronises with the iMac

Geocaching – gps treaure hunting.
Links with web site
UK Cinema Times – local cinemas and watching trailers

Star Walk – an awe inspiring application which maps the sky

Google mobile – maps in particular for getting round city centres

TV Catchup (link) – use for watching live news over breakfast
The Trainline – Free unlike National Rail
Flickr – photos



Free RSS – using a lot for blog watching

Mobile Family Tree – inputting family history info
iPlayer (link) – watching TV more and more on this
Olive Tree Bible Reader – for mobile inspiration

I'd appreciate any futher recommendations or insights from your own
apps list.

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