What have the Catholics ever done for Keighley?

By | September 3, 2013

Today spent touring around Catholic churches in Keighley. Working with four schools we have funding to tell the story of the Catholics in Keighley which promises to be an excellent project.

We’ll be looking at the extreme poverty and persecution experienced by early mill workers and some of the heroic figures. There’s Fr Russell who championed the cause of the poor and Henry Butterfield who converted to Catholicism and donated land. Then there’s the amazing Pugin chapel of St Anne’s. I’ve yet to visit St Anne’s but below a picture of the wonderful interior St Joseph’s church.

Keighley in spite of its sometimes iffy reputation is a wonderfully beautiful place with some amazing history – certainly never dull.

The plan is to create a collaborative website for the four schools, a series of short films and hopefully an exhibition at Cliffe Castle Museum next year. We hope that the wider communty will be involved too. See all pictures

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