Create Video Marketing, taking on the world from Ilkley

Here's a bit more on video marketing..

I've been having a chat with Mike Smith of Create Video Marketing who happens to be based in my home town of Ilkley.  This is following on from what I was saying about YELL's move into video marketing. There is definitely a tide of activity on the video marketing scene and Create has some really interesting ideas.   

For a long time now I have felt that to do video properly needs a bit more thought. You spend thousands of pounds on a corporate video but what do you do with it? Who sees it?  An expensive and cheesy message that makes no real connection.  

Neither is the home video approach adequate.  Yes it's easy to knock off a Youtube snippet but how can you direct the video content to those who need to see it?  The answer has been an elaborate configuration of Twitter, Facebook, bloggs, Youtube etc. In short, a labour intensive patchwork of networking tools.  

Create's solution is to provide very simple online tools and templates for creating content.  Mike showed me his online storyboard tool for commissioning video content.  You upload pictures, write scripts, choose presenters etc.  The resulting videos are very smart. The example below is rather corporate in style, but there is potential for more informal story telling – perhaps for a school newsletter or local organisation.

Importantly. once the content has been made it can then be incorporated into an engaging video email campaign or effortlessly connected to a range of social media platforms. 

I'm not saying that this is the only solution, but Create offer a good and affordable starting point for businesses wanting to try out video marketing. Naturally, I hope that companies will also want to commission higher level films and features that engage in many different ways, but this is an interesting starting point. bw2011