Three things the church can learn from advertising

I’m writing up a few thoughts on what church communications could learn from advertisers. It’s dangerous territory, of course, because the church and advertising has always been a little controversial. But here are three things.

1. People make decision based more on how they feel than what they think. Pretty much most advertising appeals in some way to the emotions. What will my audience feel about my product, organisation or service?

2. Understanding the target audience in advertising is hugely important and often buying choices are aligned to personal identity. People make lifestyle choices; products are the trappings of identity. Will my product, organisation or service enhance my audiences sense of their own identity?

3. The need to have high impact within a few words. When my audience sees my logo, twitter post, Facebook status or video will they be hooked within five seconds.

This is a video produced for Liverpool One Church. Like it or loath it I think they are confident in who they are and who they want to pull in “we are designing a church for people like you” they say (the identity thing).  It goes against my idea of a diverse local church and words like, “not your average church” seem less than respectful toward other denominations. However I admire their focused and energetic approach.