The wonder of the Photoshop Layer Mask

Photoshop is just the most wonderful application isn’t it?  Even if you don’t know how it works you can just sit back and gaze at it in wonder.  Just ask it to make the tea and it will.

The Layer Mask is one of its party pieces. A layer is just one image on top of another.  Masks are simply a way of including or removing areas of a layer so you can either see or not see what’s beneath.

Another wonderful thing is the video tutorial that you sometimes see on YouTube explaining a particular piece of software – I’m sure you’ve seen them, the commentary is usually done in an American accent.

I’ve been practicing an American accent so I’ll be able to do these mayself but haven’t quite got there yet.  In the meantime I thought I’d prepare a little video to share my enthusiasm for the Photoshop Layer Mask – in English.