The spoken word. Audio Boo for education

I’ve always had an interest in the spoken word and have been enchanted by the power of great voices. Audio Boo is one of those social media networks which I think is hugely overlooked by many and has great potential. I’ll talk about Audio Boo in a moment.

Listening to humans talking is something which is becoming a rare thing these days – at least it seems so when you think about how little opportunity there is for extended one to one conversations or even just listening to someone in a considered way for any length of time.

Teenagers, it seems to me, are even less likely to exercise their vocal chords with meaningful sounds these days. And yet so many have quite beautiful voices.

I’m a strange animal in this respect in that as a teenager I specifically admired some of the great voices of my time – listening to the likes of Richard Burton on the radio. I used to record voices at school in interviews for school projects and the school radio station. It’s why I skipped straight into radio presenting when I left my education.


Audio Boo is a social network which offers the chance to very easily record from your mobile phone (or other device) and post to a website. I plan to use audio boo for our latest School Media Club project in Keighley.

The great thing about using audio with school children is that it encourages conversation, helps children to become more confident at using their voices and it’s much safer than sharing pictures.

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Published by Mark

Mark Waddington is a former BBC broadcaster and producer. He now works for the Diocese of Leeds as Urban Mission Officer. If you would like to get in touch email