The door with no name

By | October 8, 2009

Last night we held the first of what we hope will be a monthly alternative worship services in Ilkley (as yet un-named). The theme  was “the door”. 

The Door seemed a good place to start as this kind of service represents a new entrance for the church here.  There were some good ideas and we had a very interesting discussion on what worship actually is.

My questions was, using the idea that “less is more” what would be the minimum you could get away with in an act of worship.  We discussed the Quaker silence and whether that really constituted worship, or whether it required something more elaborate.  We also considered whether or not the worship was the starting point – as one said, the life of the church is like a jam dough-nut with Christ encountered in the worship at the centre from which everything else grows.

3992523378_6025f24889_mOne particularly good idea to come from Stuart Jenkins was a small cardboard door held open by a rubber band. You could choose whether to keep the door open or to close it – but if you closed it the door could not be opened again. A confession, or something you wanted to close the door on, can be written inside and then you can decide if or when you want to close the door.

This was very pleasing as a gift for everyone to take away and more meaningful as Stuart had made them himself.

The next service will be on Thursday November the 12th at our house. We have the title “ascending-descending” and were going to use the stairwell with the three or four different levels as stations. As yet we have no name for the group.

If you want to follow our progress you can visit the Fresh Expressions section of the Churches Together Ilkley website.  The site itself is new and so a bit sparse at the moment, but I hope will blossom.

Of course you’re welcome to join us.


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