Badges, belonging and responsibility

Iconic filmmaking tools – meaningful objects – become the badges of the children’s responsibility, and seeing them all together they actually look like a professional film crew. I think this is an important visual way of giving them a sense of their individual responsibility and belonging to the team.

Henry and the magic wallpaper

At this school we wanted to combine music, writing, film, animation and the wonderful technique known as green-screen – or perhaps blue-screen; Chroma Separation Overlay, CSO if you want to show off.

Learning to debate using video

Filming a debate provides a little bit of fear, excitement and theatre into the learning. With instant playback you can address issues simply by showing them the video – often the facilitator need not say anything; show rather than tell. It’s also a resource to show other children with some ready made role models.

Free software for viewing and editing your videos

There’s a lot of frustration over the compatibility of small popular video cameras and free editing software packages. VideoPad might work well with the popular Flip cameras, with Audacity offering a solution for multi-track audio. Then there’s the free VLC Media Player.

The Tate Channel

I have been enjoying the Tate Channel – an online collection of videos with artists of various shades.

Leftbank Advent

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The Advent exhibition at Leftbank last Friday was was one of those thrilling ‘glad we came’ evenings.