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Blue, green and gold.

It’s not often the sun shines on a bank holiday weekend. Ilkley was as busy as ever today with crowds flocking to the riverside carnival. The woods were quiet which was surprising as the Bluebells are at their best. Taking pictures of Bluebells is quite tricky. Often the blue is wrong or they are so… Read More »

Misty Moor

Thick early morning mist on Ilkley moor today.  Quite a few people out walking but the long distance views were non existent.  I love this view though, looking directly into the sun – don’t let anyone tell you to take photos with the sun behind you – specially on days like this.

observation or effect

As I took this I was thinking about the difference between and effect and an observation. It seems to me that there are many photos which rely on an interesting effect – a colour or a style of presentation which makes the overall mood look appealing. Then there are others which are less about the… Read More »