why the mantelpiece?

One or two people have asked why I have re-named this blog the mantelpiece. The reason is that I wanted something that reflected what I was really interested in. All my life I have been taking bits of media and rearranging them into presentations. Sometimes the bits have been things I have created myself and others have been created by other people.

Deborah my wife has a gift for arranging things. She seems to be able to position a thing on a table top – or a mantelpiece – in a way that looks pleasing. When I try to do the same it looks a mess.  We got talking about the things on our mantelpiece. I said I didn't like some of the items particularly but that they held important memories.

This is a place where precious objects and memories are kept.  It is a place that is both private and public, private in its hidden meanings yet visible to all those invited in. Each treasure is carefully arranged in relation to the others, perhaps a letter from a loved one or a photograph of a child long since grown; each one has its place.

Some of the objects are beautiful but others are strange and challenging, each reminding us of who we are and telling a story in the great adventure.

So it seems to me that a blog or a myspace or a facebook or a flickr have something in common with the mantelpiece.  If this makes any sense.