What If Leeds

For those of you who were at the Leeds Initiative meeting, What if Leeds, today at The College of Music, here's the video that was played.  It was produced by volunteers at Oblong. I think that gathering the thoughts and feelings of community members through participatory video – where the makers are members of the communities themselves –  has great potential.  

Download Windows Media version (right click, "save as". 56Mb)

Oblong is an independent, volunteer-led community centre that has been based in Hyde Park and Woodhouse since 1996. It aims to enable local people to develop their skills so they can benefit themselves and their communities. With the equivalent of only three full-time paid staff and over 70 volunteers, Oblong relies on an open, non-hierarchical structure which allows them to participate, develop their talents and take responsibility for delivering services that make a real difference. 


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Leftbank Advent

The Advent exhibition at Leftbank last Friday was was one of those thrilling 'glad we came' evenings. Everything about it was glorious – the magnificent building, the friendly ambiance, the red sofas, live music and of course the art works. I won't go into the details here, much better to visit the blog or the website , but it was great to see such a wide variety of artists celebrating the advent theme in different ways. The photos of the inn signs and the incense jar. I also liked the inclusion of the lovely work by the primary school children. Here are some grabbed stills and video, doesn't do it justice but will give you an idea.


radio academy leeds: stations may close

Get a hundred or so radio presenters in one room and what do you have?  A lot of talking!  Had last night's event been run by TV people there would have been more posh frocks and Champaign but here at Tiger Tiger in Leeds it was beer and banter.

The winners of the Radio Academy Nations and Regions Awards was Rother FM – apparently for the second year running, praise given for their exceptional contributions to the local community.

Andrew Harrison of The Radio Centre was the guest speaker and he opened with comments about the hard times facing commercial radio. He said that there were more radio stations than the sector could support (he took us through his sums) and said he expects some local commercial stations the close this year.

I couldn’t help thinking how much like Greg Dyke Andrew looked.  And then following my instinct to make connections I reflected on how many former marketing people are now running broadcasting in the UK. There is Andy Duncan at Channel 4 and Tim Davie at BBC Radio, to name but two.  It just goes to show, selling skills are valued in the industry now –  it’s gone from a being a producer led industry to one which is marketing led, and for good reasons I’m sure.