game over by john green

An interactive installation by John Green at the Keighley Arts Factory from Friday 11th September to Wednesday 30th September 2009. The artist gives us a tour of the piece and explains his motivation.
I liked John and after we shot this he told me how he had come to art late in life and a year out studying had been transforming for him – the best year of his life, he said. He’s clearly a man with a passion for what he does.

This was shot on my Canon 5D. You’ll notice John is holding a mini disc recorder – in fact this is recording his voice. Getting the tracks in sync was easy. In order to make sure he was in focus I did some calculations on my iphone hyperfocal distance calculator which came out at 1.2m.
In order to get a wide enough depth of field I had to set the camera to F8 but required a very high ISO setting. The picture noise was evident. Shutter speed was set to 50th (on a 60th I got a terrible flicker from the lights).