The Tour de Yorkshire an act of welcome and participation

I was talking yesterday about a home being a place of memories and belonging. Here in my home town of Ilkley, memories were made today as people gathered for the Tour de Yorkshire. Cycling has become a growth enterprise in Yorkshire and the success of events like these are are helping many small communities feel good about themselves.

I hope the route of the Tour de Yorkshire can be varied in future to bring in some of our communities that have lower levels of wealth and commercial appeal.  Perhaps the event could run through a council estate or an urban area in need of cheering up?

The value Welcome to Yorkshire has brought through the success of the Tour de France is hugh and it’s not primarily about cycling but about the pride people have in where they live and the excitement generated through shared celebrations. People enjoy being welcoming and the pride they have in the quality of that welcome is not hidden or modest but exuberant and joyful.

This will be a positive memory which will live on and be recalled through photographs and videos. Just as important will be the legacy of new relationships formed as people come together and participate in all sorts of different ways.


Ilkley Photographers

I met with Ian and Josie, stalwarts of the Ilkley Flickr photo group a few days ago. We've instigated a few ideas to help us connect better with local photographers.

Firstly we have a twitter account @ilkleyphoto .

We also have a Posterous group which will enable anyone to subscripe to email updates of what we are doing, or to simply look up the blog page. find the group here

There will be a monthly photo challenge. This will work by appointing a gallery curator each month who will gather flickr photos from Ilkley photographers and create a gallery. At the end of the four week period we will announce a winner. It could be group followers or anyone else who has photos on Flickr.

The theme over the next four weeks is panorama.   I am the curator and so will look for 18 images to include in the September gallery which can be found here.

At the next meet up on the 18th of September we will choose a winning panorama. The winner will receive a coveted Ilkley Photographers graphic badge and a free meet-up coffee at Neros. If you want to be considered for a prize then tag your panorama ip1109 (ilkley photographers 2011 september).

The October challenge will be set by Josie who has agreed to curate a flickr gallery.  The theme will be announced in due course.



invitation to ascend


Tomorrow night sees the continuation of Ilkley's alternative worship services – yes it's true, even respectable ilkley folk are rocking the liturgical boat.

A small group are committed to meeting once as month to grow ideas for creative worship.  The group is made up of people who are involved Churches Together in Ilkley and so it's supported not by just one church but nine churches in the town. Can't believe that there are that many.

There are many such groups around the country but each of them is quite different – the styles of worship grow around the creative talents, needs and inspiration of those involved rather than being imposed.

Tomorrow's service is called Ascending/Descending and responds to the space in which we are holding the event.  Because we haven't settled a permanent venue we decided to hold the service in entrance hall of our house and use the stairwell as a vertical labyrinth.

The stations of activity will include – personal preparation for the journey, sustenance, difficult decisions, sanctuary, companionship, the top and the return. The stations will include video, music, projected images and ritual.

If you would like to visit us tomorrow or join the mailing list please drop me a note and I will give you more details  markwadd1@googlemail.com