The Tour de Yorkshire an act of welcome and participation

I was talking yesterday about a home being a place of memories and belonging. Here in my home town of Ilkley, memories were made today as people gathered for the Tour de Yorkshire. Cycling has become a growth enterprise in Yorkshire and the success of events like these are are helping many small communities feel goodContinue reading “The Tour de Yorkshire an act of welcome and participation”

Christ Church Gate – black and white

  I do love black and white – or should I say monochrome.  There’s something honest about it. What you are looking at is actually there (more or less) –  the form and tones, the subject.  This is a little gate at Christ Church in Ilkley.  Actually it’s the one Deborah and I went throughContinue reading “Christ Church Gate – black and white”

Misty Moor

Thick early morning mist on Ilkley moor today.  Quite a few people out walking but the long distance views were non existent.  I love this view though, looking directly into the sun – don’t let anyone tell you to take photos with the sun behind you – specially on days like this.

invitation to ascend

Tomorrow night sees the continuation of Ilkley's alternative worship services – yes it's true, even respectable ilkley folk are rocking the liturgical boat. A small group are committed to meeting once as month to grow ideas for creative worship.  The group is made up of people who are involved Churches Together in Ilkley and soContinue reading “invitation to ascend”