How to do green screen movies in school

The interest in Green Screen seems to be gathering momentum.  I think it's one of those techniques which is a mystery to many people but once you know how it works is really simple.  The coloured background is replaced by another image using software; dead simple.


Below is a little test video we made with the media team at a local school.  It became clear during this exercise that the process was exciting for the children and well within their capability.  Using the software to replace the background and edit the sequence was within the grasp of some year five children. 

The technique can not only help with ICT skills but potentially address teamwork, speaking and listening, writing, drama, storytelling, artwork.  The next project will be a journey to the moon.

The recipe

  • Bought 3 yards by 1 yard of green felt from Leeds Market and used Velcro to attach it to a wall between the photocopier and a desk. £20.  
  • The school already had a MacBook which we upgraded to iLife9 -  iMovie in iLife 9 is capable of green-screen overlay – earlier versions aren't.  £40
  • Came up with the idea of a hiker who couldn't tell his left from his right and ended up in unexpected places  download the script
  • Put the camera on a tripod and connected it directly to the MacBook using a firewire cable.
  • We recorded the action directly into iMovie.
  • Children sourced background images and imported them to the MacBook via a memory stick.
  • Edited the sequence in iMovie – green screen is a simple drag and drop.
  • Imported the music track to enhance.

I shall be setting up green-screen areas in a few local schools.  If you'd like to have one and would like help please drop me an email.