St Joseph’s Primary School film

Had a wonderful morning at Keighley Picture House there Nick and Eileen welcomed our cinema project.  The school had 6 weeks to make a film – but not just any old film.  

The project was initiated by the arrival of a strange alien capsule guarded by the D.A.F.T. agency.  The capsule contained this encoded message from another planet with instructions for the mission.

The mission involved making a special effects film.   A green-screen studio was built in the school and a project schedule worked out. There were to be set designers, costume, props, musicians, dancers, actors, writers and more.  The film was made to cinema specifications with full on sound for an immersive experience.

It shouldn’t amaze me that children can rise to a challenge and produce something so professional.  Well done Y5 at St Joseph’s Primary School in Keighley.

Looking forward to a another film project in the new year.  Now watch the opening titles with the specially written and performed music.


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