Some good foundations for running a social media campaign through your supporters

For anyone devising a social media campaign you can do worse that re-visit Social Pulpit Barak Obama’s Social Media Toolkit. I know that maybe you’re not running for world domination just yet but there are a few pearls in it.

This ancient toolkit is well documented and discussed, and maybe you’re already familiar with it but if not here’s the gist.

Laddering support through tiers of engagement
They become a follower, engage with the discussion, join a group, then become an advocate.

Empowering Superusers
Offering further support to the committed advocates – the connectors

Providing source materials for user-generated content
Videos, speeches, photos and how-to guides

Going where the people are
Concentrate on the most influential networks and use tools and language people are familiar with.

Ensuring that people can find your content
Making the content discoverable.

Mobilising supporters through mobile devices
Mobile is now an even more essential part of the mix.

Harnessing analytics
Constantly listening and improving outreach materials.

Essentially it’s about giving people on the ground the resources and tools, and trusting them to spread the word.

It’s good stuff and you can download the in depth document here