Sheffield’s sexual explotation

By | October 23, 2014

Very sad to hear the reports from Sheffield about the sexual exploitation that goes on and the difficulty dealing with it.  I’m convinced it remains a not-properly-addressed  problem in many areas not just Sheffield.  The Sexual Exploitation Unit run by Ann Lucas did ask me to help them interview young people about their perceptions of sexual exploitation – big credit to them. You can see some of the clips below.

The film was intended to be shown in schools to help raise awareness and further discussion. I believe there was reluctance by the council to release the film to its intended audience, and I’m not sure it ever was. Don’t ask me why.

We called the film Can We Talk About This? because it was clear that many people want to avoid discussing the topic for a range of emotional and political reasons.  I hope we can be more open about this widespread problem, but I appreciate it’s difficult.  Download video