Schools making films for the cinema

By | December 8, 2012

I thought I’d share some exciting progress I’m making with the St Joseph’s project in keighley. Being a bit of a film technology enthusiast, I have been looking at ways of delivering school videos in Digital Cinema format. Normally this process would cost thousands of pounds to format and encode special files.

The film we are making at St Jo’s is being filmed in full HD using a Canon 5D2 camera. The plan is to upgrade the film to an impressive 2K digital cinema format with surround sound. In short, the film will look great on the big screen and give a true cinema experience. Importantly it means that it will be much easier to deliver school films to the local cinema in future thus opening up new opportunities for these showings.

I also think that we may be able to produce commercials made by school classes for the cinema. This will be a great way to learn about advertising, audiences and creative process.

If you’re a school and would like to make a film or advert for the cinema we’d love to work with you on a project. We don’t cost a lot and are very hard working.


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