realising wildness

By | October 22, 2009

I came across Realising Wildness on Vimeo today. The videos are refreshingly simple and underproduced, but the quality of the photography and the subtle inclusion of movement and sounds makes them very powerful. How often do we think that a video has to have jaunty camera angles, effects and music. In these films you feel transported to the location and connected with the mood of each place. Here's the blurb from the project:

REALISING WILDNESS is a film project hoping to reach and inspire anyone
(via the internet) who is perhaps spending too much of their life
working on projects, or on the internet.

REALISING WILDNESS is about wandering and wondering.

REALISING WILDNESS is about going outside- going somewhere different,
or somewhere familiar- and exploring. It is about taking a really good
look around. It is about noticing everything else- everything that is
real and everything that is really beautiful. It is about discovering
more of your senses, and sensing more and more. It is about finding a
place, and a moment, and your self.

And it is really about something so much clearer than all of this…


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