Raising curiosity levels

By | June 7, 2011

Had a meeting with Creative Partnerships today to discuss some schools ideas.  One comment was that across the different schools we've visited, there were measurable levels of curiosity.  

Some schools children didn't seem at all curious (often in successful schools), while others were very curious indeed.  Set me thinking whether you can encourage a culture of curiosity which is infectious.

At Raynville school in Leeds a whole project was built around a locked chest which has remained in the classroom for a few weeks. That definitely had curiosity value and led to all sorts of imagined stories.

Chris Leach in a blog post has been creating posters which deliberately include very little information and are designed to raise questions and, I guess stimulate curiosity. Sounds like good art to me.  See his post here

So the upshot of what I'm thinking is that leaving stuff out or withholding information is a good way of engaging people and ultimately informing them.  Too much information  - or complete stories without an element of mystery –  doesn't intrigue the audience sufficiently.


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