Points for a personal strategy I must not forget

You know how it is, you start out with the best worked out aims and then over time the world crowds in on you and you end up fire-fighting and responding to everyone who asks for help.

When I switched jobs a few months ago now I wrote a note to myself for fear of being absorbed BY something rather than IN something. The note wasn’t particularly detailed or comprehensive, it was just a reminder of a few things I’d picked up. Here it is again as a reminder to me, and for you if you are interested.

  • Prioritise communication – with prayer as a fundamental part of this.
  • Generate and capture ideas as a habit.
  • Look for and tell stories of success (news, blog etc).
  • Look for diversity of input, thinking and leadership (particularly involving younger people).
  • Provide the tools to explore and discuss challenging issues openly (media, art, film etc).
  • Encourage independence, resilience and sustainability.
  • Follow the energy, look for emerging opportunities for organic development.
  • Form a strategy for the work but be flexible and constantly review.
  • Convert best ideas into well run projects (suggest ideas look for resources).