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By | July 2, 2007

Spent today (my first day on the other side) at ITV Centre on Grays Inn Road in London getting a picture of how ITV Local is to be run. The proposition, which is already underway in some regions, is that the regional ITV newsrooms will support a local broadband news and information service broken down into individual towns and villages. Importantly, these will be run as a bundle of "TV" channels offering a rich mix of video content and live cameras.

The relationship with the regional TV news output will be very important – each service offering the other an extension of its own output. Material on the web will be used on TV and the TV output will feed onto the web. A good example of this might be breaking news which can be covered immediately on the web and then followed up by the evening news programme (or vice versa).
Another plan is to offer extended coverage on broadband – say, longer interviews – a bit like additional scenes on a DVD. Additionally there will be a back catalogue of ITV documentaries and material produced by viewers. 

On this last important point, it will be an aim to support and encourage new film makers and to offer a platform for them to gain public recognition.  I would like to think that the Yorkshire service (of which I’ll be in charge) can offer something very positive in this respect, so I look forward to film-makers getting in touch with me – seriously – to discuss some brave ideas!

An immediate task is to decide the location of a live camera feed for the site (actual moving images) – should we go for a Mosque in Bradford or York Minster? The former might be more interesting, but I’m open to suggestions.

Whether this will emerge as TV 2.0 I don’t know but good if it develops in that direction.
ITV Local… does for TV what Pimp My Ride does for clapped out motor vehicles!

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