Peter Byrne

Just back from the funeral of Peter Byrne.  Peter was a man of faith and a huge influence on me personally. I got to know him when I was 17 and at School at Prince Henry’s Grammar School in Otley, West Yorkshire. 

peterI was potty about radio and Peter was a producer at BBC Radio Leeds – and it was thanks to him that I got my first job at the BBC. As a teenager he trusted me to make short reports about community life in and around Leeds. I’d record interviews and edit them under his supervision. Although he was a gentle and kindly soul he was uncompromising in his mentoring. How to ask the questions, getting the best sound quality, setting the scene and so on. I can hear his voice now telling me to ease off on the sound effects.

I remember going with him to record the Huddersfield Choral Society in Huddersfield Town Hall. We set up the microphones with the choir and then realised we’d left the tape recorder back in Leeds.  Peter without loosing his calm drove to Leeds and back while I kept the choristers entertained for what seemed like an eternity.  Nothing phased him.

Best wishes and prayers for Janet and the family.

Published by Mark

Mark Waddington is a former BBC broadcaster and producer. He now works for the Diocese of Leeds as Urban Mission Officer. If you would like to get in touch email