Art of Zagging

Here’s an article by Christa Paula on the Promax website. She interviews John Hegarty on Black Sheep and the Art of Zagging.
“It’s about ‘zagging’! When the world ‘zigs’ you ‘zag’…When everyone is going in one direction, go in the opposite direction.”
He goes on…
“What happens with age, is that you do stop questioning, and it therefore means that you stop engaging, you stop challenging (and then) the mind begins to close down. It can happen to 30-or 80-year-olds.”
I’m not sure I agree with the above, it used to be like that but the new generation of "old" people are a different breed I feel.

Brand on the Brain

Graham McCullam of the Branding agency Kemistry wrote about the brain and brands. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Graham and respect him thoroughly. He says that brand names and logos give us an instant emotional fix. Children as young as 18 months have come to associate the MacDonalds golden arches with comfort food and toys.
Our relationship with brands is, as I have come to understand, less about the products and more about perceptions and emotions. The value of a brand has absolutely nothing to do with the thing in the bottle it’s a mind thing.
Here’s a story from his article:
During the Korean War the Coca Cola Company decided to send every US soldier a free bottle of Coke. Some of them took the bottle to bed with them, many wrote home to their parents and loved ones about it, while others kept it for a special celebration. To these soldiers it was more than just another drink. The brand meant home and raised memories of sitting in the soda bar with their first girlfriend, summer days with friends and all the other life experiences in which Coke had played a part.
Full article by Graham McCallum

Edit Magic

I was spellbound at the Tate Modern by Video Quartet in which clips of percussion instruments were edited on four screens to produce one coherent piece (Christian Marclay).  Here a different artist Lasse Gjertsen shows that a thrilling relationship can be achieved between sound and vision in the edit.