Out walking

I’m using the typad application in my iPhone to write this post. I’m still amazed by how easy it is to do all this without being tied to a desk. Here I am on the moortop taking photos and writing to you.

Creative technology used to be something you had to spend years leaning and now anyone can snap away and publish at will – without being restricted by talent, place , time.

I went to see Vic Reeves last night who was talking about his art. I must say I was impressed with his passion for art and enjoyed the illustrations from his new book. One of the pictures he said took him about minute to make – no, less than that, he said. It was a shot of a railway line taken on his iPhone.

Do you think it’s all too easy? Perhaps because the technical aspects are easy a whole new set of values come into play where the ideas are more important than the physical creation.

Anyway it’s getting cold sitting on this rock and the dog is showing an interest in some sheep, best be off.

Out walking

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Mark Waddington is a former BBC broadcaster and producer. He now works for the Diocese of Leeds as Urban Mission Officer. If you would like to get in touch email mark.waddington@leeds.anglican.org