online video swallowing traditional tv? have announced this week that they are in the top five online video sites. The service has grown by an impressive 1,800-percent year-over-year, according to their internal Google Analytics reporting. They now haul in 41.4 million monthly unique viewers according to Quantcast.  More on this at spin valley post.  They suggest that the quality of the encoding, the search presentation and some “grey area” content may be behind this growth.

With this news Always On makes the claim that online video is swallowing traditional TV. They have an interview with a big cheese from Adobe (see below). While he is clearly on a marketing mission for Adobe in this interview, what he says is reasonable I think. 

Bill Rusitzky talks about viewers under 25 switching to the internet for their viewing and that they now expect interactivity and on-demand viewing. The big screen, he says, is more about gaming than TV. He points to the difficulty of making money out of web tv viewing. But video on the web is certainly finding and engaging an audience. This trend undoubtedly presents huge marketing potential.

So does this spell the death of traditional TV? I’m not so sure that it does – TV will adapt and differentiate within the market.  But it will be a tough old time for the smaller channels that can’t find the cash to develop new technology and formats like HD.

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