On the trail of art through Leeds

Good day following a trail of art through Leeds.  No matter how much we try virtual on-line spaces can be no match for people coming together and creating physical works in real spaces.  

Walking to the new Tetley Gallery, through a much renovated area of Leeds, the building canal side looked great. Below is the back of The Tetley which is rather more functional than the smart looking front. They have an exhibition called “reversal” (picture above)


Ten minutes away at The Monro Gallery and adjoining cafe there was a packed exhibition of print works as part of the Leeds Print Festival. A brilliant atmosphere of enthusiastic visitors – you’d not get quite the same atmosphere on Facebook, would you? The Monro is just across the way from the bus station.

Three months ago we borrowed a picture by Edwin La Dell from the Leeds Art Gallery under their lending scheme. We went back today and got another one by Denis O’Sullivan, a large black and white drawing of a room in Earls Court.  We went with a friend and between we came away with quite a few.  Melissa, our friend, took a nice Martin Parr photo.  £6 to borrow a respected work of art for three months, not bad.

Now home and looking for some wall space.