on the spot

At the Ilkley Flickr group we have occasionally discussed the way constraints can often lead to creativity.

When you have a free reign originality is often more difficult to find than when there are limitations; somehow a constraint sets us off on a different path and we see things differently.

There's also the idea of using what we have in front of us. Sometimes we feel that we wish we had more than we've got. We might wish for better tools, a better viewpoint and so on. There is something quite refreshing about seeing what is in front of us and making the best of it.

These two thoughts about embracing constraints and looking at that resources we have (rather than those we don't have) can be very constructive.

At the ilkley flickr meet-up in November we have in mind to take photos on a pre-designated spot. The challenge will be to make the best photo we can with the given situation.

on the spot