Oblong at the Woodhouse Community Centre

By | July 18, 2013

It’s been a busy time in Woodhouse.

The WCC garden created by volunteers with the help of Oblong staff member Duncan Millard is just such a wonderful space.

Working with the Oblong Media Collective at Woodhouse Community Centre is a joy. Such talented people. First of all there’s Donna who’s making herself a name as an artist Donna Coleman.

There’s Jason who is teaching some of the volunteers HTML and has a passion for poetry and is busy creating a website devoted to Shakespeare.

Jamie and Charmaine who have launched a community news page called Woodhouse Stories.

Ken who has launched the Woodhouse Community Cinema Club showing thought provoking films by local filmmakers. 4th Wednesday of every month.

And there’s recently been an excellent arts project called Objects from the Graveyard with Leeds arts students.  The graveyard is St Mark’s in Woodhouse.  Max, one of the volunteers made this video.   keywords – action, participation, creativity, confidence, talent, community. Plus many more successes.


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