multimedia story with a grizzly secret

By | May 24, 2011

Tomorrow morning we have the next instalment of our improvised pirate story at Raynville School in Leeds.  I'm supposed to be there helping with film but the project has morphed into a truly multimedia adventure.

The glorious thing about this project is that were using the full range of digital toys, web tools and messaging services.  We're filming and photographing at every stage and hope to publish a book of the story. Even better than that is that the children are creating the story for themselves.  


The starting point was the locked chest and each part of the story has been built directly from the children's imagination.  By asking questions about how the chest got there and what might be in it we began to get answers to feed the storyline.


Artist Amy Heild is editing the story line from what the children have come up with. We have not been giving back the fragments of story directly but encouraging them to discover them using various technologies.  GPS tracking devices and a mysterious online web page called 42011 led them to some geocache sites where artefacts were hidden. 



The children launched helium balloons with tickets on which were written questions about the story.  Letters have bee trickling back with further fragments.

In the classroom they are using their detective skills to analyse the data, evaluate the facts and construct the story.   


The story which is emerging concerns a boy who wanted to marry a pirate girl but needed to be qualified as a pirate before he could do so.  He got caught up with a roguish pirate who led him astray. When treasure was found greed got the better of him and he ended up losing his head.  The quest is to liberate his soul in order to find the key to the chest.  The story is full of moral dilemmas and choices

Tomorrow morning we are doing a live video web chat with Mr Peg Leg the pirate. He's been sending twitter messages to the mysterious website and will help fill in some of the next part of the story.  Mr P.Leg is otherwise known as Jamie Beale from Proper Job Theatre Company who's probably getting his set and makeup organised as I write.

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