much wealthier than you ever imagined

By | October 19, 2009

Having been part of the branding and marketing world I have come to appreciate the way advertising, brand and 'spin' often have very little to do with actual content and much to do with perceived value. I have also been aware many people in advertising see their world as having a close association with art; the changing or challenging of perceptions.

"Poetry is when you make new things familiar and familiar things new", "we are perishing for want of wonder not for want of wonders"  These are a couple of GKC quotes picked up by advertising man Rory Sutherland in his TED talk. He has some interesting things to say about the way value is subjective and has some great illustrations from history.

He says that if you live in a world of fewer material goods, intangible value can be a pretty decent substitute. "when you place value on love, health, sex and other things, and learn to place a material value on what you have previously discounted for being intangible – a thing not seen – you realise you are much, much wealthier than you ever imagined".

He says we should spend more time appreciating what already exists and less time agonising over what else we can do.

Watch it here:

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