Close to home

Today, amongst other things, I had a conversation with a charity which has been producing some very professional video to promote its cause. These videos are produced centrally as generic promotions – by their head office somewhere.   This made me think that organisations that keep a tight reign on their corporate message, produce media centrally and filter messages through communications departments can sometimes be a real handicap to effective connection.  

In many cases people want to connect with people who share their particular circumstances and share their view of the world – and that can be very localised. They want to know that the person with whom they are connecting shares their experience and is walking side by side with them.  Centralising communication and taking it further away from the local context can lead to a feeling of disconnectedness.  For this reason I have been thinking a about how we can make local voices heard and reduce the tendency for filtering out those people who are close to where the need is – the people we really should be listening to.  

This picture is from an early walk in Middleton Woods today. The Bluebells are starting to come out and the young leaves are breaking out. This is a great time of year.