Meet the MD called to develop an online tool which will promote church growth. Video.

By | September 2, 2013

I am a member of my local church, All Saint’s in Ilkley and I’ve been giving some thought how their website might be developed and linked to social media.   It seem to me that you can’t examine one area of communication without looking at the whole picture.

Any one tool for communicating should, I believe, be used in the context of a bigger plan for how everything, including the people, works together.   As a famous North American Indian once said, “all things are connected”.  People don’t just exist in one place they move from group to group and activity to activity.  People who use twitter one day might be reading the parish magazine the next and so we need a holistic approach to communications.   Our messages and relationships should be platform independent – they must be able to move and exist across a range of channels.

Most businesses these days rely heavily on customer relationship management tools.  These CRMs enable businesses to capture information about potential new customers early on and track their journey along a step by step pathway to becoming a loyal customer.   While a church is not a commercial business, I think the disciplines of communication in the commercial world apply to a great extent to churches.   A lot of good practice can be learned about communication from the business world.  Admittedly it isn’t always applied as we would hope but nonetheless there are things we can benefit from.

Church App is a calling for MD Gavin Courtney who felt led to develop this cloud based database product from Nottingham.  He believes technology can help go a long way to achieving church grow and sustainability. Here Gavin tells me (via Skype) about his calling and why he believes mission is at the heart of this product. Even if there is some pain in changing to a different way of working he says, “we really believe that this can help the church grow”

You can sign up for a Church App demo online here 


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