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Mad Lemmings, great name for a company that specialises in websites and social media. Ashley Faulkes has been looking at Tweet Adder which is a tool for drilling down into the content of twitter and managing followers.  I’ve been using it to identify users for church parish accounts to find people in a tight locality with  specific interests.  Ashley has produced a nice little presentation about building followers. You can see it here in slideshare

Getting followers is excellent but I there’s a risk of being obsessed with follower numbers so we must not forget that twitter can be a tool for initiating real relationships and more than an just online game. The interesting question is what happens when you have initiated a twitter relationship and what the next steps are. The really exciting outcomes involve people meeting, forming partnerships, getting work, being creative.

So what’s the pathway? How do we build on these connections and what does step by step progress look like beyond these online connections? How do we structure our activity so that we can move beyond virtual gratification? I throw it out as a question, but it’s someting I’m still trying to understand.

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