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By | November 14, 2011

You may know that I'm spending a couple of days a week working with Oblong Leeds – a community organisation that is refurbishing the Woodhouse Community Centre.  The centre has been owned by the council but has recently been "asset transferred" to Oblong.  A big grant has been awarded from SIB social investment business. 

Woodhouse Community Centre is part way through being renovated and although the funding position is still a little uncertain we hope to be moving in at the end of the month. One of the spaces in the centre will be dedicated to the Media Collective which I'm helping to set up.

Already the collective is gaining a reputation for its video journalism.  To date we have done nearly 50 interviews for Leeds City Council and numerous other documentaries.  The key strength of the collective is that Oblong is a pioneer in community development and understands the process and issues to do with establishing community projects.  This experience means that they are in a good place to ask the right questions of the right people – kind of journalism from the inside (or at least alongside).

The interviews Oblong have done recently can be seen here and on the Leeds Initiative website

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