Last Day at Greenbelt


Last Day at Greenbelt
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This is Coldcut from last night who, for me, were one of the highlights of Greenbelt this year.

As always the festival is a fantastic place to take stock and receive fresh inspiration for the year. Over the last 25 years Greenbelt has been a constant in my life, outliving most other activities, and consequently it’s a place where we meet many friends. 

Mark Yaconelli’s talks were also very good. I love his very simple, personal, human, real lifeness. The humorous images he paints in his story telling are as good as any tale told by the likes of Bill Bryson.

Playing at VJ with Joel was just the most fantastic thing, and grateful that he wasn’t put off by an old bloke thrashing around on a laptop a few feet away; I think I would like to do this some more if I get the opportunity.

Anyway, if you are a DJ looking for some visuals, I’m the man.

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