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By | November 12, 2008

ITV is splendid in many ways. It has a long tradition of producing popular programmes with a common touch (and I mean that in a complementary way).
The 6pm regional news programme, Calendar, has a 40 year history and some notable presenters, among the most famous of whom is Richard Whitley. Having grown up with the programme I now find myself sitting in that very newsroom.

Today though I have to report that the mood is sombre with redundancies becoming a reality for many of the journalists and staff here.  There are in fact two Calendar news programmes – one for the south of the region and the other the North. These two programmes are being merged into one. And reporters are becoming multi skilled shooting and editing their own footage.

Even in my own area, the ITV Local website, many posts are being lost.

I have to be careful what I say because it would be wrong of me to reveal too much, so I will stick to what is already common knowledge.

I still believe local news is important, particularly as viewers are demanding more sophisticated access to information about their own communities but I’ll go into this in due course. In the meantime I thought I would dedicate a few posts to behind the scenes at ITV.  First vid is a quick camera side view of a regional ITV 1 news studio.

Calendar North studio from markwaddington on Vimeo.

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