Inspiring people

I’ve spent the day at Woodhouse Community Centre getting a few admin tasks done and trying to figure out how to get volunteers working on a citizen journalism project.  I feel that writing, photographing, observing, asking questions – just being curious – is such a life giving thing.  When you’re slumped in a chair doing nothing or complaining about the world it’s probably because you haven’t noticed how interesting it can be.

For this reason I’m cooking up a plan for volunteers to go out and find stories and work together on them. Woodhouse Stories in fact.  The simple act of talking about what we can write about and what will make a good picture is somehow energizing.

As if to affirm that this might be a good idea I chanced to meet a lady called Annie Hawkins who has been helping to run a social session for some older people at the centre.  It turns out Annie is a renowned bass player who has played with, and recorded with, many great exponents of New Orleans Jazz. A story which began in the late 50s and she’s still playing.

Now there’s a story we might want to follow up. Here’s a portrait of her by Peter Butler