Informal Bradford Media Group

Please would you take a moment to look at the following idea and consider sharing it with anyone you think may be interested? It’s not cast in stone and I’m very open to changing direction. 
Are you interested in any of the following?


  • Helping to raising the profile local faith based groups, projects or organisations.
  • Sharing creative ways to engage with local audiences.
  • Getting practical experience of creative communications and strategies.
  • Using your writing, design, photography or video skills to make a difference.
  • Networking and sharing ideas.


The proposal

I would like to meet with anyone local to Bradford interested in being part of a small and informal media group. In a sociable setting I hope we can explore creative ideas for supporting the work being done by faith groups across the district.

Many small faith based community organisations find it hard to get their messages out to a wide audience, from raising the profile of their group, to campaigning on important issues, or recruiting volunteers. So how can we become more confident and creative communicators?

We are all being bombarded with things to read, watch and respond to – overwhelmingly so. The consequence is that we only get noticed by the people closest to us and within our established specialist networks. How can we make our faith based work more discoverable and connected?

The media landscape is changing rapidly with the introduction of enhanced internet speeds and media rich social networks. To give you one example of how rapidly groups can respond to political and social developments, here’s a story from Birmingham.  Yesterday I met the social responsibility lead for the CofE Birmingham diocese. He told me that on the Tuesday of this week he’d been with the bishop in a bar and there he met a man who said, “bishop, right now you should telling everyone to love their neighbours”.  By the Thursday, when I met him, they had set up a website, a Facebook page, created some banners, established a Twitter hashtag and organised the launch of the #loveyourneighbour campaign for 9.30am on the Friday, today!

If we are to be more effective at communicating with the world and not slip out of sight we need to do at least three things. Firstly we are going to have to be more creative in order engage with new audiences. Secondly, we are going to have to send out our messages with really good timing. And thirdly we will have to use the most appropriate tools to reach our audiences.

If you would like to talk with me about the possibility of a small and friendly faith based media group please get in touch.  Perhaps just to share thoughts by email initially.

Let me know what you think.

Email me  here

Many thanks