Ilkley Photographers: On the Spot Challenge

Ilkley Photographers will be gathering again on Sunday the 14th of October at 10am Cafe Nero, Brook Street.  Are you up for the On the Spot Challenge?

We made the observation that we are different from the Ilkley Camera Club because we have “photographers” not “camera” in our group title.  So the meetups are possibly more about being social and seeing the world through the eyes of the photographer rather than necessarily the camera.  The discussions are wide ranging.

In an attempt to promote at least some photography we are holding a monthly challenge which we’ll discuss retrospectively at each meetup.  The current challenge is the On the Spot Challenge.   Please download the map, stand at the locations described and take the most creative shot you can.  This is known as a restraint which has the effect of enhancing your powers of creative thinking.

Any photos you take you can upload them to Flickr and tag them  onthespotchallenge


Click here to download the On the Spot map

on the spot challenge

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