If God were a Yorkshireman

By | December 25, 2007

The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighbourhood.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have Jesus living down the street?

And imagine if we heard that he was moving into Ilkley but we did not know where he would live or even what he looked like. I wonder how it would change the way we treat our neighbours.

Every time someone new moved in we would eagerly knock on their door with a welcome package. We’d take time to sit down and talk to them, listening carefully to everything they had to say wondering “Is this the One? Is this Jesus in disguise?”

Yes Imagine if Jesus were a Yorkshireman.
– Our father who art in Hebden

What would he do?  Would he be a carpenter, or perhaps a dry stone waller or a sheep shearer?
– Harrogate be thy name

Would we see him out  in the dales walking with his packed lunch in a back pack?
– Thy Kingsdale come,  by Ingleton

Who would be the first to welcome him – Dacre son and Hartleys, Barclay’s bank or Bettys?
– Give us today our Burley Woodhead

Yes, just Imagine if God were a Yorkshireman. 

– And forgive us our Kettlesings
  As we forgive those who Kettlesing against us

Where would Jesus live – a big house in Middleton or nearer Leeds do you think?

– Lead us not into Temple Newsam
  And deliver us from Rothwell

Would we know him?  Would we respect and love him?

– For thine is the Kingsdale, the Pudsey and the Morley
  For Eccup and Eccup, Chevin End.

We pray…

Lord as you come among us, help us to recognise you among us.  Give us the courage celebrate the gift that brings life and light to all people.

Through 2008 you will be with us whatever the year brings – whether it turns out to be a sad year or a happy year you have promised to be with us. You understand our deepest need and promise to transform our darkest times into glory.

Help us this Christmas take time to look and to listen for the presence of God in those around us and learn to respond in a way that welcomes Christ into this place.


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