How should large media organisations handle their blogs?

Twenty years ago that headline might have been misunderstood! 

Interesting article in the Guardian about the use of blogs by large companies.  It challenged me to think about how badly this blog is put together.  

Shouldn't be random bursts of information from here or there but be focused around a specific and simple idea.  Blog readers are looking for insiders who's expertese can't be found anrywhere else.  Readers want a named writer who they can trust. They are looking for an angle.

First person accounts – casual, intimate stories
Named and trusted writer
Insiders view
A concept
An angle

The thing missed out of the article is around the accessibility of the writer to respond to comments and clarify any misunderstandings. Company blogs are perhaps seen as marketing tools rather than a means of honing the grasp of the issues.  Comments without clarification carry risks – so how far are companies prepared to engage with the discussion that ensues?

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