small details – harewood house gardens

We went to Harewoood House yesterday. Harewood is a stately home on the outskirts of leeds that had become a kind of a public park. There’re always things going on over the summer and the gardens around the lake are terrific. I particularly like the woodland walks.

Growing up I was never that keen on stately homes, certainly the inside of them, but I’m growing to like the cultivated nature around them. Done properly the paths and borders don’t need to be showcases of control and formality but a kind of conversation with nature. The gardeners here seem to have achieved wonders in allowing the plants some freedom.

It must be age but we are starting to put much more effort into our own garden and looking at ways of making small spaces to relax and enjoy the small details of nature. It’s the detail that makes a difference I think.

Children have a wonderful way of being engrossed in detail – the cracks in the pavement, an interesting piece of rock or a stick,  (maybe I was strange in that respect). As we get older maybe we begin to notice more of the detail under our noses. No bad thing.

You can find out more about Harewood House here