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Lots of looking

My driving instructor years ago used to chant at every junction and manoeuvre "lots of looking, lots of looking". It seems to me that "lots of looking" is a good strategy for traversing any piece of terrain, whether it be just a road or a whole pathway in life.

Looking at, reflecting on and collecting work by other people is, I suppose, one way of absorbing good practice. We may not know why we like something but our gut response tells us there’s something we should emulate. Of course the temptation is to imitate, which is what we do when we haven’t quite absorbed the deeper essence of what we are looking at.

My parents hauled me and my brothers round art galleries at an age when we thought galleries were the most boring places on earth. Their hope was that we would subliminally develop a taste for good things. It has taken me years to recover but now, in middle age, I quite like art galleries. I also like churches full of visual richness  – though the church thing is more a response to having been brought up in Methodism where there really isn’t anything to look at at all.

by Mute

Now my suggestion is that you take a look at these links to photographers. I think their work is quite good.  Then perhaps you could comment and offer other links with RSS feeds.


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