Organised Religion?

By | December 30, 2006

On Christmas day St. Mary’s in Ealing was the venue for live broadcast on BBC ONE. The preparation which went into it was huge and it made me realise how scrappy church worship can otherwise be. Of course spontaneous and relaxed worship is good (in my view) but a little preparation could be a good thing. more photos

St.Mary's, Ealing

Now here’s a catchup from the old blogspot.

Orignal post on Blogger 1 May 2004

An act of worship and a television programme have a lot in common. There is usually a central idea and a sequence of creative stuff that communicates that idea. A TV production is usually briefed to ensure that it sticks to the task in hand and all the elements support the central idea. 
My experience of worship is that sometimes it is a ragbag of thoughts and distractions. 

I’ve written a worship briefing  template based on the one created for the team I work with at the BBC. It  only requires one sentence (and so does not even have to be written down). The brief has three elements – who are we creating the worship for? How do we want them to respond? What is the single most important message

So the template reads, get (worshipper) to (think, feel, believe or do) by telling them/showing them (the single most important thing). We have a rule that only one main message can be conveyed.

You may feel this is too controlling and managed (it is), but I would say that much of what we do in church is done without regard for the person worshipping. We rarely expect them to respond in any way and we clutter the event with a jumble of messages.

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