For those who are stuck with email

Today a touch of déjà vu.

We were discussing the cripplingly high volume of CofE emails pouring through the system. This was the very same conversation we had at Oblong Leeds a few years back.  Then we formed a strategy of moving some business communications to social media which worked well.

Email is such a desperately boring way of transferring information isn’t it?  This especially so when there are now so many more interesting ways to communicate. So here for those who are stuck with email but would rather be on Twitter…

1. Reduce the number of emails you send

2. Check and re-write your email
Do this for clarity even if you are busy, it’ll save other people’s time.

3. Avoid using email for conversations
Long conversation threads are difficult to keep up with.

4. Raise it in the team meeting instead

5. Speak to someone first or as an alternative

6. Make it clear whether the email is sent for action or information

7. Is the email sent to the right person?

8. Avoid multiple topics in one email

9. Use of the subject line
For very short messages like “I’ll be ten minutes late” or “we won”.

10. Structure the email with important stuff at the start
A clear subject line and a short opening which makes the reason for the email clear.

11. Tone of voice
Anger and high emotion should be avoided in an email. Don’t use email to tell someone off.

12. Do not expect recipients to deal with an email straight away
We might, though, expect a short acknowledgement of receipt.

13. Avoid abbreviations and assumptions

14. Do not copy people in unless they really need to know

15. Don’t “reply all” unless required

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