FA Cup – The Local Tail

ITV Local has got its non-league FA cup channel up and running which means that we’ll be getting the buggy out to tootle off to weekend games. Hopefully not to many as some will be covered by local production companies.  I think Bridlington is our first mid month.

Here’s a blog coveing the UK’s digital media economy describing it as the Local Tail.

I can agree with their comment about ITV Local’s technology being clunky, but they’ve got to understand that ITV has cut the crap and made it happen ahead of the BBC – it just didn’t stall waiting for the right technology to come along. The BBC has been testing and planning for so long now it’ll soon be out of date and at far greater expense to the public.  

Although BBC Local is being heralded as a groundbreaking initiative, it isn’t. It’s just news, weather, sport and travel presented in a slightly different way. ITV Local started years ago now and I believe is forming some genuinely collaborative relationships with community groups and looking towards those who are under served.

What do you think?  Is ITV pulling ahead of aunty BBC in its commitment to local audeinces?

Published by Mark

Mark Waddington is a former BBC broadcaster and producer. He now works for the Diocese of Leeds as Urban Mission Officer. If you would like to get in touch email mark.waddington@leeds.anglican.org