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Empty Room
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The blogging has not been very evident in the last week or so. It’s always when interesting things are happening that I stop blogging which suggests that people who blog a lot may have sad lives.

In this last week I have both resigned from my job and sold our house, (which must score quite high on the things to give up for lent). The emotional and physical aspects of the last two weeks have been exhilarating – packing up posessions and wondering what the future holds have been exhausting. We decided to go with our instincts and take a risk on re-shaping our future.

We decided to move just before Christmas and in fact my son started his new school at Illkley Grammar School in Yorkshire on January 4th. Since then we have been going through the process of selling the house and settling Deborah and Joshua into rented accommodation up North. After an energetic week of packing up, we handed over the keys of our house last Friday.

It is remarkable that once you make a commitment to do something things really begin to happen. We’ve been impressed with the speed at which finding a school, selling the house and receiving tentative offers of work have all happened.

On Saturday we identified a house in Ilkley which we really love – a delightful Victorian place currently owned by a delightful artist couple. We have put in an offer of the asking price but it has received a huge amount of interest and so the process is going to ‘sealed bids’ to be submitted to the estate agent by 5pm on Wednesday (the day after tomorrow!) We are presently deciding how much we can afford and will let you know whether we are successful on Wednesday evening.

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Mark Waddington is a former BBC broadcaster and producer. He now works for the Diocese of Leeds as Urban Mission Officer. If you would like to get in touch email mark.waddington@leeds.anglican.org