I’ve been enjoying copyblogger. There have been some interesting tips on writing styles that I can relate to. I’m looking after the ITV Local blog so hence the compulsion to follow this. 

Here, one piece of advice is to read the copy aloud. For years now I have been writing scripts for presenters on one sort or another, and I think this is a really interesting point.  We are much more responsive these days to writing that is relaxed and as we would speak – not necessarily grammatically correct. Even to the point of including hesitations we will try and create a rhythm which evokes a particular type of voice or delivery.

Verbal communication is accompanied by tone and visual elements which work to complement the literal interpretations. This combination of tone and visual accompaniment add drama to the piece. Page layouts can attempt to emulate the human character of a physical performance; a space or a flourish adding a sense of timing or energy. Copyblogger encourage bullet points, cheeky headlines and so on.

Not that I have done much of that in this post, but I’ll work on it.


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