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I’m trying to be diligent in keeping notes about best-practice in communications management.  At Oblong Leeds and All Saints Ilkley we have been on a journey discovering the best way to reach out into the community.   Added to these organisations I’ve also been working with schools to better connect with parents and with Yorkshire Housing on a community consultation exercise.  We are learning all the time.

My notes are drawn from some of the excellent ideas being put forward by people like Patrick B, Ann C,  Mark S, Jemma B, Aimi W, Fiona S, Caroline R  and others so I’m not looking for credit but just wanting to collate some of these ideas and experiences for discussion and development.

I’m starting a category thread called Connecting Communities which is helpful to me and maybe also to you.

Linked advertising

At All Saints Ilkley we have a new group for parents of very young children called Joining the Dots. Ann, the organiser, asked me if I could put something on the website for her.  She got the copy written herself and took the trouble to buy a stock photo she could use as a brand image. I was up to my eyes in work at the time so I suggested to Ann that she might like to have access to the website and update content herself, which she has done (she knows all the detail so great idea).

The next thing Ann did was to arrange a mention on Moor Mums, a local website (for mums obviously).  Having purchased the copyright for a promotional image and created a simple advert the website was going to be much more inclined to put this nice splash of colour on their front page with a link to our website.

On our website we ran the details in the blog section with a link from the front page.  This meant that visitors were also exposed to other front page information about All Saints.  We have made sure that all the strategically important messages are on the front page alongside transient news promos .  You may also notice that the brand logo for All Saints which we have just launched runs through every exposure.

The outcome

The item became the most popular piece of content on the website in the month to the date. Visitors to the Joining the Dots taster day reported having seen the event on the Moor Mums website.  We don’t know if they also saw it on the All Saints website but we do know we had an increase in the numbers of people who were expose to our brand, and our values – and also a logo that will help identify us in future.

More to follow on this bookmark Connecting Communities

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